Soul & Blood

by Obscure

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Obscure's full length sophomore record. Recorded during the summer of 2011 at Eyrespace Studios.


released September 30, 2011

All songs Copyright Obscure 2011
All songs written and performed by Obscure.
Jordan Sterling - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Keys.
Colin Sinclair - Bass, Vocals, Keys, Percussion.
Spencer Cartier - Drums, Percussion, Keys.
Additional Percussion on And Hell Followed by Josh Gyssels.
Additional Vocals on And Hell Followed by Angela Speller.
Photography by Angela Speller.
Graphic Design and Artwork by Jordan Sterling.
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Bob Hiltz at Eyrespace Studios.



all rights reserved


Obscure Chatham, Ontario

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Track Name: Surrealist
Hurled my arms
Breaking my eyes
Breaking my fall
Coaxing the lies
The carcinogens
Never feel the same again
Faking your heart
Reeking of death
Stinking of faith
Coaxing each breath
Your opinions
Never feel so sane again
Never was the fool…
Your decisions
Never feel this way again
Never feel the same
Never feel so sane
Never feel this way again
Track Name: All Is Not Sequential
Seize the day – would you?
If I paid – could you?
Tongues to say – wouldn’t you?
If I may – fooled you
In a fashion it was a passionate kiss
Hormonal brains could not miss
I’m not a thief, I just borrowed your lips
But then again I guess I am
Just my luck – mind you
Up from up – down to you
Guess I’m stuck – couldn’t you
Don’t give a… - damn you
Could I persuade you to believe me?
We could both be addicts maybe
Not with drugs, with our chemistry
But then again, I guess I can
Track Name: Broken & Fleeting
The glistening diamonds
And the ringing of ears
Step fast on landmines
And step past your fears
An obvious state when your soul’s hit the ground
Just don’t turn it down
You could be released with a jewel in your eye
And a soft kiss goodbye
Marching onward
Like soldiers of grace
Silken and backwards
To that strange lonely place
It can taste like the earth and scream like the wind
But just let it in
You can love it ‘til death but its heart’s still beating
Nothing’s broken and fleeting
Track Name: Engine
Teenage lust
And it was always good
Just as they knew it would
It was all flowers and hands
A teenage must
With her smoke-filled eyes
And her dull surprise
And everyone was anti-clockwise
Beating down
With a psychedelic dream
A bag of the psychedelic scene
And another man
Beating grounds
That just beat him down
A tasteless tongue around
A tease of whirlwinds
Driving forth
To obliteration
So much more
Than intimidation
Teenage lust
Is a redundant chore
Clichéd and such a bore
After all, it made him crazy
Track Name: Acid Lust
You know not what you speak of
Words so wet, they burn with love
A tease, a tease down on your knee
Love lost in lust
You shed your skin
She let you in
Amphibian lies beneath
You promise trust
If you must
Gender roles speak for themselves
Lips speak like baited meat
Sprung for the trap, packed white hot heat
Fall into line, I’ve seen those eyes
Mistake lust for love
You showed some skin
She pulled you thin
Your mind was belief
Transcript of lies
From either side
Never try to be yourself
Track Name: Oh, Me
Gently swinging through the mind
Oblivious to state and time
I could linger here for days
Hold the shadows, death can wait
Oh me
Oh you
Haunted by the day you die
Beckoned by the other side
The present paves the future’s way
Guided by an obscure fate
Oh me
Oh you
Track Name: And Hell Followed...
I crossed my heart
And hoped to die
I held my breath
You’re right behind
Just out of view
I know you’re there
The gooseflesh comes
And bubbles wild
Just like a child
And left in the dark
I’m not afraid
Track Name: Drown
I can see the way you see me
For I am tangled in your eyes
So swallowed by I and I
Let me drown just one last time
Once I though I saw you weeping
Lying there oh so refined
On a paper you had written
Soul to soul yet soul’s confined
Spare me comedy
I can’t spare you
I can’t drown with you anymore
Spare me tragedy
I can’t spare you
I can’t drown with you
All the demons on your horizon
All the blackness in your seas
I am nothing, I am worthless
I’m a liar you can trust me
Forgotten words that are unwritten
Weaving tales of their own
Maybe soon I’ll reach the summit
But I will never reach the throne
Track Name: Dry-Erase Sunshine
Put on a brand new face
Get off the system
Rinse, repeat, and erase
Defiler of wisdom
Do you know how to love
Wear that mask so well
Shot and mourned a dove
Its not dead but it is in hell
Make me
Visions of plastic happy
Give it some time
Call it sensitive or sappy
Make up my mind
Corrupted is this kingdom
You cannot be sure
Is this death or freedom?
All hail the massacre
Track Name: Opium Girl
You are only skin and bone and soul and blood
Reaching down to skies above
Mind trapped within a comfort cage
you can’t see, you’re thinking that it’s all the rage
Parallel paradoxical
And you’re the conqueror of the animals
Well I got news for you it’s in the things you do it’s in how you live
Why are you alone?
You got a soul to give
In a sense
Your thoughts reflecting what you are told
Perpetual ignorance obey control
You think you know it all but you can’t know at all and you’re wasting time
Sit down child, release your mind…